Tanuja Desai Hidier

is an award-winning author / singer-songwriter

& videomaker / innovator of the ‘booktrack’.

Fict/NF homelands: USA; UK; India; France.

She/her. We.

More About Tanuja

Bombay Blues

“A prose-poem meditation on love, family and homecoming …
A journey worth making”

— Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Winner of the 2015 South Asia Book Award

About the Book

Bombay Spleen

Tanuja’s album of original songs based on Bombay Blues

“Rock and roll that has the richness of literature…irresistible.”
—Zachary Lazar, author of I Pity the Poor Immigrant and Sway

Tanuja’s “Heptanesia” music video now airing on MTV Indies!

About the Album

Born Confused

“Compelling and witty … gives voice to a new generation of Americans.
A rare and daring portrayal”

— USA Today, starred review

About the Book

When We Were Twins

Tanuja’s album of original songs based on her novel Born Confused

“Reminiscent of Alanis Morissette … [the music] reflects the clash of styles, sounds, and influences inherent to cultural assimilation and urban living.”
— Wired Magazine

About the Album