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Webcast Excerpt: Part 1/3

Tanuja on place, race, writerhood, motherhood, music and Bombay Blues/Born Confused. SLJ “International Authors, International Stories”

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CBC “Play”: Tanuja/Born Confused TV feature


CNN “Your World Today”: Tanuja/Born Confused TV feature


V-Desi: Tanuja/Born Confused TV interview


BBC “Desi DNA”: Feature on Tanuja/“Desilicious” short story anthology





Recent Highlights

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an ongoing series by writers/authors in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the publication of Tanuja’s landmark novel: David Levithan, Samira Ahmed, SJ Sindu, Sarvat Hasin, Carlie Sorosiak, Nisha Sharma, Donna Freitas, Sonali Dev, Christina Vortia, Marina Budhos. 

  • PEPSI/MTV INDIES buzz picks (“Heptanesia”): “wholesale isotretinoin” by Titus Pinto (September 28, 2015)





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