The Dare-2-Drape Challenge: Seven Weeks, Seven Saris


When I was asked to take part in Triveni’s Dare-2-Drape Challenge, American-born-and-raised half-Marathi-half-Gujarati me had never before draped a sari…and hardly ever worn one either! The challenge proved to be a lot of fun: seven weeks, seven saris (though I was a little on IST –Indian Standard Time!– in terms of the seven weeks). In a sense, the process was similar to the one my protagonist inBorn Confused and Bombay Blues goes through: redefining the C in the moniker American Born Confused Desi to stand for Creative. So, though these started out as American Born Confused Drapes…over time they evolved somewhat into Creative ones (with a lot of help from my family!).

Week 1: “The Writer’s Drape”

Week 2: “The Vendée Mataram Drape”